Star Wars Movies (I only have The Force Awakens). Something with iTunes availability would be preferred.

Gift certificate to Mountain Equipment Coop

Gift Certificate to The Running Room

Winter running socks

Winter running gloves

Technical t-shirts (not a tanktop) for jogging (XL sized)

Buff for jogging

Baseball hat of your local sports team that would be suitable for golfing

Geeky/nerdy hoodie (zip-up or not)

Local flavourful hot sauce (not super hot, but sriracha levels)

Gaming PC or laptop (Hey, can’t hurt)

Books (I have a Kobo, so any books should be in ePub format) I prefer science fiction/fantasy (Note, I just finished Fifth Season, and it was awesome!)

iPhone case (plain, for a 5S)

USB sticks (My wife/daughters keep stealing mine)

External HD

Nerdy/geeky garden gnomes

XBox Live $$$

Something to hold my race bibs/medals

Grilling (on a BBQ) recipe book. (Steaks, hamburgers, chicken, etc)

Lucha Underground

Steam gift cards (not games because my current laptop is 3 years old)

Kobold Guide to Plots and Campaigns

Amazon wishlist