So, when this goes up, I should be starting (or close to) the 2015 edition of the Canada Army Run half marathon. That’s right, 21.1 km of solid running. I figure it should take me about 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete.

If you feel like following along live with me, you should be able to follow my route at the link here. If you end up somewhere south of┬áSaint Louis, near Sainte-Genevieve, that is normal. It just means that I haven’t started my watch yet. The first wave starts at 9:30. I am a bit farther back, so I should be starting around 9:45 am EST.

If you are interested in seeing the whole route, you can see it on the Army Run website here.

If you are in Ottawa, and want to come cheer me on at some point in the race, here are the best spots:

  • Quebec side:
    the best spot on the Quebec side is somewhere near the Museum of History. That’s at somewhere around the 9km mark.
  • Ontario side:
    On the Ontario side, the best spot is near the Laurier Street bridge. That’s near the 18 km mark.