Prediction time!!

Nicki Bella vs Paige vs Naomi
This match, because of Paige and Naomi, should be interesting. They should be able to carry Nicki along into a decent match. Nicki has been champion for (checks) 200+ days, Paige just returned, and Naomi has been undergoing a slow turn from face to heel. This will be a quick match, and I predict Naomi will go over, possibly with outside interference from Tamina.
Winner – Naomi

Neville vs Bo Dallas
Neville is pretty over with the WWE universe. He is sliding nicely into the spot left behind by Bryan, but his offense is more spectacular. The office seems to be more a fan of him than Bryan as well. Bo Dallas is decent, but his gimmick is just now starting to catch on. He is, at best, a mid-card player right now. Neville will win after being beaten down for a while by Dallas.
Winner – Neville

Sheamus vs Ryback, R-Truth, King Barrett, Rusev and Dolph Ziggler
Elimination Chamber
First, Rusev is out of the match with a foot injury, or at least that is what all the rumors are saying. Ryback and R-Truth are there to be decent enhancement talent for the others and to extend out the match. Barrett is too good as King to get the IC belt right now. It would really take away from the gimmick. Ziggler is very popular right now and should get the belt. He is one of the best workers on the roster right now. Unfortunately, the belt will go to Shaemus.
Winner – Shaemus

Lucha Dragons vs  Kidd/Cesaro, Ascension, New Day, Los Matadores, The Prime Time Players
Elimination Chamber
We can eliminate The Ascension, Los Matadores and the Prime Time players right off the bat. They aren’t popular enough to get the win. Lucha Dragons are popular, but not enough IMO to get the win. That leaves Kidd/Cesaro and The New Day to win. The New Day are so incredibly effective as heels that it isn’t even funny. The same as Kidd/Cesaro as faces. I like the heels to go over right now, as there are a lot of face tag teams that need someone to chase after.
Winner – The clap New Day clap clap

Cena vs Owens
The front office is so over on Kevin Owens right now. For the next while, he will be working both WWE and NXT shows. Not bad for only 4 or 5 months on the payroll. He is very effective as a heel. Very calm, calculating and in your face. The perfect foil for John Cena right now. At the same time, Cena has been doing some awesome work as the US champion. Cena to win by DQ after Owens beats the holy hell out of him and won’t stop at all.
Winner – Cena (by DQ)

Rollins vs Ambrose
Both guys are at the top, but Ambrose has a little farther he can go. They are really doing the slow burn with him, and it is working really, really well. Rollins is also working the heel champion position really, really well. Something interesting to note is that Brock’s “suspension” is almost over (I think I have read that he is starting to be booked on house shows and RAWs coming up). there is no way that the rematch between Lesnar and Rollins isn’t a championship match. Look for Rollins to go over, but with some interference from J&J Security helping.
Winner – Rollins