So, it is Sunday night, I am sitting in front of my computer slowly slipping into a tryptophan coma from the 3 plates of Thanksgiving turkey I ate tonight, and I figured that I would fire up a little something about the things I am thankful for.

My family
I have a beautiful wife and 2 daughters. None of them fail to amaze me, delight me and bring a smile to my face every single day. My life is infinitely better for having met and married my wife (if one can be said to have married up, I definitely did so). ¬†She balances me out in almost every way. My kids are…well…amazing. Not a day goes by where they don’t make me laugh in amazement, in sadness, want to strangle them or hug them (sometimes both at the same time). My life is infinitely better for them coming into it. Yes, my life has changed a lot since they showed up 9 and 7 years ago, but, and it is a cliche, but I wouldn’t want to change it for the world.

My Friends
I have few close friends. Probably due to growing up as a military brat and moving every 3 years. On the other hand, I am fairly active on the internet (blog activity notwithstanding) and have made a huge number of good friends on the internet. A large number of them were from when I had a dog and I was active on Usenet. Another large number, extremely large, is through what I consider my home on the internet, Gamers With Jobs. A larger hive of scum and villiany err, awesome and win has yet to be found on the internet. The few close face to face friends I have seem to be doing really well. One of my good friends finished in about 2:19, his first half marathon ever. He has been going through a very rough time lately, and this is (was) a very bright spot for him, and thing seem to have been going up since then.

My Health
I am in good health. Ran a half-marathon at the end of September, finished it in 2:16:22.2. Given that my goal was to finish in under 2:20, I am very happy. My weight is stable. For the last couple of years, my weight has been fluctuating, between about 195 and 215 lbs. In January, I made a goal for myself of jogging 500 miles (a little over 800 kms). As of this getting posted, I am at 770 kms. Assuming (knock on wood) that I do not severely wreck some part of my body, I am practically assured of making it. A few months later (in march) I made a goal of jogging to work as much as I possibly could. It is around 5.5 km each way and, since mid march, I have been pretty successful. Only about 2 weeks (in total) since then that I was not able to jog. With winter coming (we are getting frost warnings now), it looks like my days of jogging in a tank top and shorts are over.