So it has been 3 weeks since I ran the Spartan Race. Looking back, it was a whole lot of fun, and I will definitely be doing it again. It is something very different from the usual workouts I do to keep in shape, which consist of mainly running, with some biking and weightlifting thrown in from time to time. This year, I was part of a team with a bunch of people from my wife’s school.

It wasn’t an easy race. I will be honest about that. There are times where I was wondering if I would be able to make it. It never entered my mind to give up, but there were points where I was sure that my legs were going to give out in a couple of steps. However, my brain told my legs to quit whining and keep climbing. At points, all I could do was to focus on putting one foot in front of the other to do the next step. After a while, I got to a very “Zen” spot.

Afterwards, it felt awesome. Got a bad-ass medal and a nifty t-shirt. It is white, and I am *very* tempted to wear it next year and see what happens to it.

The shirt that I wore this year was a write-off. The shoes, OTOH, were pretty crudded up.

Took the laces out and spent about 30 minutes scrubbing at them. No soap, just water and a firm bristle brush.  They came out pretty good, but there is still some dust and dirt that comes out after a run.

The water from washing them however, did not turn out all that great.

Next year, I think that I am going to try to get a bunch of people that I know to go as a group. Rob, Francois, Gerry, Benoit, maybe some others. It is a great challenge and a whole hell of a lot of fun. A nice way to push yourself and do something different than what you normally do.