So in March, the family and I went to Florida on vacation. Now, I like staring at the hotties on the beach as much as the next guy, and I decided o be proactive and head out to look at them as opposed to letting them come to me, so I started jogging.

Now, remember that I had had surgery a little over a year before, and had just (about 3 months previously) been cleared to do any sort of physical activity. So my jogging was not just an attempt to see more bikinis, but also to get myself in shape.

We got back from Florida, and I decided to keep jogging. A couple of times a week, I would head out for 5 or 6 kms. Generally took me about 30-40 minutes. Then, on My 28th, one of my wife’s friends texted me “Want to do the Army Run half marathon on September 23rd?”

Being slightly insane, I, of course, said yes, and started on my path to running 21.1 kms.