I spent the formative years of my life in or around the Canadian military. My father, CWO Gilles Beaudoin retired after over 30 years of service. After that, he spent nearly 20 more years serving his country as a civilian contractor for DND. I also spent 5 years in the Air Cadets, which, when I came of age, turned into 6 years as a member of 30th Field Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment. I had some of the greatest moments of my life as a member of the Bytowne Gunners and learned a lot about myself.

In short, the military gave me a lot.

At the same time, the military extracts a great price from those involved in it. The members often see things that are hard to handle, and the support from the military is, at times, lacking. The families left behind when the troops go off on a tour somewhere are also often left to their own devices.

On September 23rd, the Running Room is holding its annual Army Run in support of Soldier On & Military Families Fund, an organization within the Canadian Forces that is dedicated to helping not only currently serving ill and injured members of the Canadian Forces and their families, but also former members as well as their families.

I have signed up for the ½ marathon (21.1 kms) to rise funds in support of this fund. I am sending this email with a request that you donate an amount, no matter how small, if you are able. If you know of people that you think might be interested, please pass this on to them as well.

Secure online donations can be made at the Running Room Events web site with your credit card. An electronic tax receipt will be sent to you by email. Please click here ( http://www.runningroom.com/dashboard/donations/index.php?raceId=7456&eventId=23356&memberId=BWYDNAFjVTBUPldrDj8%3D&item=8&guest=1&lan=1 ) to make a secure online donation.

For more information about the Canada Army Run 2012 – Half Marathon Individual Run/Walk, or to join us on Sunday September 23, 2012, please visit https://www.events.runningroom.com/site/?raceId=7456.

Thank you for your generous support for Soldier On & Military Families Fund.