Lord I need golf lessons.

I played here today, and ended up shooting 113. 20 over the first 9, 21 over the second. I know where my problems are though. My mid and long game. Last week, I was driving and hitting my long irons pretty straight. This week, any club longer than a 5 iron ended up with a slice. I am very happy, however, with my short game this week. My go-to clubs this week for my short game were my 5-iron (reliably hitting about 150 yards), my 7-iron (reliably hitting about 130 yards) and my pitching wedge (variable, but I always managed to chip it onto the fringe at the very least. My putting was pretty decent as well. Mostly 2-putts, with only a couple of 3-putts over the round, and that was on putts that were 40+ feet.

I am pretty sure that I need to work on the basics (addressing the ball and my stance) and I am pretty sure that will fix a great deal of my problems.