(Warning, ahead there be spoilers)

tl;dr version: All in all, on a scale of buy/rent/avoid, I have to give both DX:HR and The Missing Link (DLC) a strong buy recommendation, if you haven’t already done so.

So I just finished Deus Ex: Human Revolution (360, Tell me a Story difficulty level), and here are my thoughts on it. Overall, I was very, very happy with the game. The story was very well written, and the gameplay was, in my mind, outstanding. The fact that every “encounter” had a number of different ways to overcome it (combat, stealth, sneaking around) combined with the fact that it was possible for me to try one way, fail and then go try another with the same character and have a reasonable expectation of success (barring not having the required ability like hacking level, strength, etc) made me a happy, happy man. The 4 separate endings, although simplified and very anti-climactic, also made sense to me. Jensen is, throughout the whole game, a person who really has no great control over things outside his immediate environment. He is taken where the winds of fate take him and his story is simply a smaller part in the story of the battle over augmentations.The boss battles, well, I look at those as separate from the rest of the game, as they were built by a separate company. In and of themselves, they were fun and interesting. Very Nintendo-like as there was a trick that you could use for each boss, and once you figured it out, it was also a matter of applying that skill.

Now some spoilerrific stuff:


Eliza pops in halfway through the game, you see her a bit, and then you see her at the end when you make the decision. Kind of jarring. How much more awesome would it have been if, once you meet Eliza and find out that she is an AI and that she finds Jensen fascinating, if there is the occasional moment where Eliza contacts you and informs you of things. Helps you past a group of enemies in a cutscene or something. It would make the end, with her manufacturing the message, much more plausible.

Dr. Reed

Seriously, that’s it? Nothing more than that?

DLC – The missing link

I thought that it was extremely well written and extremely strong. Very much worth playing. The ability to sneak, stealth or go commando was still there throughout. It fit extremely well in the game, and gave a bunch of interesting info that, when you play it in order, really adds some interesting backstory.

Some negatives

The only part I can really say I thought that they missed on was the stories of the strong NPCs you meet afterwards. The gangster at the very beginning who holds the factory hostage, the undercover cop in Detroit, the civilian in the morgue (in the DLC), the research team from Sarif. They all had interesting stories, to me, and I would have liked to see some info on what happened to them later, after Jensen makes the decision in Panchea. I understand that, what with DX3 in production, it is difficult, but I think that it could have been done.