I am a big fan of pasta, all kinds of pasta. So whenever I see a new recipe out there that is different, I like to try it out. So, when reading GeekDad this morning, my stomach perked up.

Chinese Spaghetti

It looks really interesting, and different enough from typical spaghetti sauce and noodles that I thought I would throw it in here to try.

2 pounds ground meat (original recipe uses 1 pound of ground pork)
chopped scallions (we used one very large one from the garden)
tomatoes, chopped (we used 10 Roma tomatoes – it made a lot)
6 tablespoons soy sauce (use more or less to taste)
wheat-based Chinese noodles
cooking oil (several tablespoons)

Marinate the meat and scallions in the soy sauce. Cook the tomatoes in the oil and salt until fairly mushy. Make sure there is still some liquid left, as this will help make up the sauce later. Remove tomatoes from the pan and brown the meat mixture. Mix tomatoes with the meat mixture. Simmer for about 30 minutes, depending on how ready it looks. While it is simmering, boil the noodles, following experience or package directions.