So over the weekend, it finally got nice enough up here in Soviet Canuckistan (AKA, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada) that I could fire up the BBQ. After heading to fill up the propane tanks (2, always have a full one in reserve), I started up the BBQ. (Bonus points to the wife for buying me a long-necked BBQ starter so that I am no longer burning hair off my knuckles starting it up.)

I let it bake at full blast for about 30 minutes so as to kill anything that had decided to move into my BBQ over the winter and also to make it easier to clean off the grill.

While that was happening, I decided to do some internet research to find a nice, simple recipe for hamburgers. Usually, it is my wife that made them, and it would be just with ground beef. I decided to see if there was something else out there. So, after a quick trip to Google, I stumbled across this page at which I modified to the following:

2lbs lean ground beef
1 onion grated (it ended up being pretty pulpy)
4 pinches ground coriander
a little pepper, fresh ground is better
a little salt
2 handfuls fresh bread crumbs
1 egg lightly beaten
2 tablespoons beef bouillon/stock cube dissolved in 2 to 3 tablespoons water

It made 8 patties, shoved them in the fridge to cool and fired up the deep fryer to make french fries.

Once the BBQ had been properly calcined, I scrubbed it off, and cooled the temperature down significantly, until the temperature in the BBQ was hovering around 375-400 F. I plopped the patties on the grill and settled back, allowing them to cook and resisting the temptation to open the lid to take a peek.

While waiting, I dropped the first batch of french fries in the deep fryer, sliced some cheddar and pulled out some cooked bacon. About 5 minutes in, I flipped the burgers, and switched in a new batch of fries. About a minute before the burgers were ready, I fired the cheese and bacon on my burgers, and got eh rest of the condiments out of the fridge and on the table.

The overall verdict was a success. The burgers were completely cooked, which my wife demands, yet retained the juiciness that I require in my burgers. I am contemplating, the next time I make hamburgers, chopping up some bacon extremely fine and mixing it directly into the patty.