Not easy these damned decisions.

I have a number iof things that are out that I want/need to buy.

  1. New HD to replace the one that is in the process of dying on me. This one is fairly urgent, as it is the HD that has my OS on it, and without it, I am stuck using my wife’s laptop. While it is nice, it is slow, and it isn.t mine.
  2. FallOut 3
  3. Fable 2
  4. Gears of War 2
  5. Subscription to XBox Live for a year.

Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t have room for all of the above at once.

The new hardrive is a necessity. There are some nice Seagate 250GB drives at Future Shop, I just have to check at home tonight to see if my system can use SATA drives. My BIOS says that it can, I just don’t know if I have the connectors.

With some XBox 360 games that I have finished and that I plan on turning in to Future shop, I should get close to $50 in gift certificates, which will bring me close enough to the purchase price of a game for the XBox. I just finished Gears of War, and was fairly disappointed by the shortness of it. Less than 10 hours, all told. Gears of war, while it is expected to have more story, will still be on the short side of things. Plus, Gears of War 2 has on-line multiplayer as its big draw. I don’t have that much time for that. plus, I am more n the mood for an RPg right now.

So that leaves me with Fable 2 or FallOut 3. I am nto sure that you can get a more contrasting pair of games in there, unless you were to throw in a JRPG. FallOut 3 is fairly serious, and is supposed to have a lot of different options. The skill system is supposed to be extremely well-developed, and the game is apparantly fairly true to the FallOut franchise. At the same time, it is fairly dark and serious. Fable 2, OTOH, is a bit simpler, but more of a sandbox game from what I have seen described. It contains a lot of silliness, but apparantly also has a lot of silliness in it.

Decisions, decisions. There is also the option of dropping the gift cards on anothet Hard Drive to expand my goodness and then dual-booting with Windows XP on one and then Linux on the other…