When I start up my computer, the BIOS loads, and windows will start loading (or at least the Windows Loading screen shows up) and then I hear a loud grinding noise. I get a very rapid BSOD, and then it shuts down and starts up again in the DOS-looking “Your computer did not shut down properly…bhlahblahblah”.

I spent some of the weekend, poking around inside my computer.

I took the sides off, and started it up, trying to figure out which of my HDs the noise is coming from. Turns out it is not coming from my HDs, the clicking/grinding is coming from one of my DVD players. When I put my hand on it, I can feel it vibrating.

However, that still doesn’t change the fact that my computer won’t start up. I tried putting my Windows Installation disk in the drive and set the drive to be the start-up device, and there was no happiness. No real difference in what happened.

This all started wednesday morning, after the power outage on Tuesday night. My computer stuff is behind a power-bar, and we did lose power once or twice on tuesday night/wednesday morning.