Been a while since I actually posted something on here, so thought I would clear out some of the thoughts currently residing in the trashbin that is my mind.

  • I have a 3 1/2 year-old daughter. The van that we have (2005 Saturn Relay) we bought with the entertainment package installed. The entertainment package includes a DVD player that drops down out of the roof. This has to be one of the greatest inventions to have been put into cars. For long drives, we don’t get “Are we there yet?”, we get to listen to my daughter signing, watch her dancing in the rear view mirror or listen to her laugh at something, which leads me to my second point.
  • Disney princesses. My daughter has been fully subsumed by the magical marketing machine that is Disney. Specifically, Disney princesses. (Dear lord, they even have their own website!!) Now because of opint number 1 (DVD player) I have listened to a lot of the disney movies over and over and over again. Recently my daughter was watching Sleeping Beauty an awful lot. At some point in time I realized that Sleeping Beauty is sending an awful message to our daughter. In part of the film, the conversation goes something like this:
Sleeping Beauty – I am sorry, I can never see you again.
Prince – Never??
Sleeping Beauty – Well, maybe someday.
Prince – When?? Tomorrow?
Sleeping Beauty – No, tonight, at the cottage in the glen.

If Sleeping Beauty hadn’t run away after the last question the prince asked, I am sure that the next answer would have had the prince doing her up against the nearest tree.
  • I bike to and from work most days. Now I am a fairly cautious biker. I stop at stop signs, stop lights and make sure to make all of the proper hand signals to let people know what i am doing. Earlier this week, I was a victim of road rage, from another bicycler no less. I was going down a hill that ends in a stop sign. I start slowing down and put my hand out and down in the signal indicating that I am stopping. The biker behind me, didn’t have room to go around me due to cars beside us is thus forced to slow down/stop behind me. As we wait for a car to cross in front of us, I hear her start bitching me out for stopping. I just laughed and walked away.
  • This leads me to my next point. What the hell is up with bikers ignoring the rules of the road and ignoring stop signs, etc? Are they just stupid, or do they not care that in a collision between them and a car/bus, they will lose. Badly!!
  • I am going on vacation for the month of August!! Paternity leave is a good thing. Paid paternity leave is a better thing. Paid paternity leave at 93% of your salary is a great thing!! A lot of work to do around the house. A bunch of trees that need trimming back/cutting down. The cedar hedges need trimming, badly. A bunch of cedar chips needs to be spread around as well and there will, of course, be a fair amount of weeding to do. However, the vacation will not be all work. The third week of the month, my wife is running her first ever Cheerleading camp (Cheer Ultime Outaouais). That week, I have informed my in-laws that I will be staying, with my daughters, with them at their chalet.