So this is the first day back from a long weekend. I took Monday off, and yesterday (tuesday) was a holiday, so it was a nice long weekend.

Went to the in-law’s chalet on Saturday morning. Relaxed a bit, and then I helped my father-in-law build a platform for the picnic table. This involved digging out an 8’x8′ square (with lots of rocks), making a frame out of 2×6 planks, leveling it, and then arranging 16 80-lb patio stones on top of the frame. Nice, hard, physical work, which got me a free game of golf out of it.

The game of golf was at Montpellier Golf Club. The course is not a difficlut one, but is challenging enough for me. I only play a couple of times a year (if I hit double digits, that is a lot of playing for me) and I had an amazing round of golf yesterday. 1 Birdie, and a bunch of pars. I broke 100 (shot 97) for the first time, and played the best round on the second nine (42) out of the foursome, two of whom are bogey-golfers that regularly shoot in the low 80s. All in all, I was very pleased. I finally appear to b egetting a hang of my drives (I had a nasty snap-slice that played havok with long holes) and am getting a decent grip on my approach irons. Some regular time at a driving range should help a lot.