This is just going to be a random grab-bag of thoughts that I have had this week so far.

I am astonished how rapidly, once I start biking to work in the summer, I begin to hate drivers. The entirety of my route to work (almost 9 km) is along roads that, while not busy, are occupied enough. Whether it is people cutting me off, opening car doors or squeezing me against the sidewalk, I have seen it all. It’s probably a good thing that I am not miced up for my drive into work. It would have more bleeps than The Osbournes.

Fathers day is really quite disappointing in the overall scope of things. I got a nice pencil holder from my daughter (3 years old). At the same time, didn’t see any ads on TV. No ads on the radio. Nothing reminding people to buy stuff to thank their fathers. A local call-in show, when they do their Mother’s day show, has the phone lines swamped with calls. On Father’s day?? 2 calls about fathers in 2 hours.

The bus I take to work in the winter is also the same bus that carries a fair number of students to the local school. The local all-girl school. May I also mention that the school is a catholic school?? I have finally accepted several truths

  1. I will never be attractive to those girls.
  2. I am a dirty old man.
  3. I can live with that.