Yeah, I’m a geek and a nerd. To those of you that know me, this surely comes as no surprise. However, there is another big secret I have: I like D&D. Have since I was about 12 years old.

There is a new version of D&D that came out on Friday the 6th of June. The fourth edition of D&D. Now D&D and geeks/nerds go hand in had. And nerds being who we are, we have more of a tendency to obsess over something than do normal people.This is especially visible with the new version that has come out.

For some reason, there is a fair number of people who feel that if you like a different version of the game than they do, your like of this different version somehow makes their liking less so. To put it in different terms: You like steak, I prefer pasta. You feel that my liking pasta forces you to not like steak as much.

I will give you a minute to read that over again, because yes, it is as stupid as it sounds. And I wish to god I was making this up.

At times, the sheer amount of nerd rage that is expressed is hilarious.

That’s not to say that all of the people who don’t like 4E are like that. Most of them have accepted that 4E, which is a fairly radical change to the game, is going in a direction that they don’t enjoy/don’t wish to go. They are content to stay with the 3.5 system, which will continue to be supported by many publishers. There are only a few that are like this.